Artist Statement

Tim's work reflects a very real part of society.  Maybe it's not what people think of as high art, but it is still very much art.  His art is about fun, but there is a serious side too that people probably don't see unless they know him.  Tim feels an affinity for the people he sculpts. 

Tim cares about the people behind the public image.  Before he begins work on someone he will read all he can find on them, their life and their struggles.  He admits he is obsessed by characters from film and television.

He also sculpts family and friends as well, with ones of his parents being those he is personally very attached to.  A favorite piece is a life size sculpture of his parents sitting on a park bench.  You can sit next to them if you like as a part of the sculpture, it's functional.

His passion for classic films began when he worked in a group home during college.  While working the night shift, after finishing his homework, he watched a lot of old movies.  He got pretty deep into the movies and started using it in his artwork.

In addition to his life size sculptures, Tim also does oil paintings and has an unbelievable array of bobbleheads.  The bobbleheads are of famous characters, family and friends as well as an extensive collection of "Wizard of Oz" characters, including the talking tree along the "yellow brick road."

His work evokes a sense of humor and at the same time explores the traditional wood carving techniques on a grand scale.  Many of the images are taken from known or familiar characters.  One is at first taken by the whimsical aspects of the imagery and soon one realizes the technical and creative input that is required to complete the work.  Tim Brunn attended UW-Fox Valley in the early 1990's and is currently a high school art instructor at Freedom High School in Freedom, WI.

He is currently working on a series of busts of people who have made major contributions to society in the late 100 years or so.